I am an associate professor of management at The George Washington University School of Business. I previously worked for many years for two Fortune 100 companies in leadership and consulting roles. I have extensive work experience in leading global and virtual teams as well as implementing organizational change. Read my bio here for more information about my background and experiences

My research focuses on understanding how to implement successful organizational change and how to foster successful teamwork in organizations. I have a particular interest in virtual teamwork, which refers to collaboration that occurs using technology rather than face-to-face interaction. I teach a variety of university courses related to different aspects of change management and teamwork. See my faculty web page at The George Washington University for more information about my research, publications, and teaching.

In addition, I consult with companies and organizations to design and deliver training workshops in the areas of leading change, leading teams, including providing training and resources to support more effective virtual teamwork.

For questions about research partnerships, speaking engagements, or training workshops, please contact me.